No Website? Too many business ideas?

Here you are trying to decide if you really want to launch that online boutique or if your hobby is going to become a business. Stop floating in between what to do. I can help you decide. 


Serve others, always

We need to always be thinking of way to serve. What does your product or service do to make life more pleasant?

Innovate change

In with the new and out with the old! You no longer have to take the traditional (i.e. boring route) path to making a living.

know your Strengths

You do not have to be good at everything. Just be great at what you know. Technology can take care of the rest.

Promote & sustain Community

You can't do this thing alone! Like minded people thrive together. A community is a strong as it's strongest link and that is you.

Aha! your way to Clarity

Sometimes you don't know when you are lacking focus. Getting clarity will change your entire business.

You are your greatest asset

Don't sit there and tell yourself "I can't do what they are doing." Yes, you can. Know that you are more than enough.

Meet Eyona

Hey There! Hey!  In case we haven’t met at some point in life, I’m Eyona. I’ve been helping businesses succeed for quite a few a years. 


I have been working with business owners since 2006.  I created my first “mommy” blog on blogspot in 2009. Kudos to you if you can find that “dinosaur” site.  It still exists. While in grad school, I started writing copy for online coaches and learned more about SEO and email marketing.

My idea for an e-commerce site that helped women of color find beauty products quickly landed me in a business accelerator that focused on tech startups. Added a new skill to my resume: web design.

Not long after, I started Facebook group for moms with my sister-in-law and turned that into a business. 

I’ve been busy and I want to help you get in on the internet fun! Send me an email and let’s see what we can accomplish together.

You need to level up your business with a bangin’ website. I am here to help.

Get some clarity around what you want to accomplish by scheduling a FREE-to-you strategy call. 



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