When I was in the beginning stages of doing business online, I did everything the long and hard way. I have since learned about many online tools that create shortcuts and work toward productivity. 

Check out my complete list of online tools that I have had a successful experience with and found were time saving which saved my sanity. 

Full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission should you choose to purchase. None of the fees are passed along to you. In fact, many of the tools I have listed are free or have free versions that will work well for you if you are just starting out. 



Let me tell you, I had no graphic design skills when i first started out. Canva saved the day. Because of this software, I feel empowered to create almost anything. it is perfect for the non-designer. 


Collect emails when visitors come to your e-commerce site. You can set up pop-ups, welcome mats and even welcome announcement bars. Sumo has worked tirelessly to help e-commerce owners get more customers. My clients emails lists consistently grow using this tool.

This contest driven tool will help you grow you email list and social media followers as draw more visitors to your site. From my experience, you can also find new raving fans. 



Asana has helped me stay on task with projects and keep me focused. I have used this tool when working projects that required several steps. I use Asana to track and record recurring daily task. Sometimes the mundane work can be hard to stay on tip of. Asana keeps my focus – laser. is the freelancers dream to proposals, contracts and payments. Since using this tool, updates are regular. Each update enhances your experience as the user and your clients experience with you. 

Acuity Scheduling

I don’t know of many booking tools that can sync with your calendar and send your clients a confirmation email in the same sequence. You can even setup a way for them pay you for the booked time all in this one tool.  

Google G Suite

First of all, who doesn’t like Google products? Get the enhanced version when you sign up for G Suite. This cloud based software os inexpensive and can be accessed from anywhere. Never be without documents or email ever again. 



Send eye pleasing emails with MailChimp. Automation and segmentation for your subscribers are what you ‘ll get out of this email provider. Plus, its free up to 1000 subscribers. 


ConvertKit is one of the best email platforms for automation and segmentation. The price is not bad, either. 



If you are in business, you’ll need a website and that site needs hosting. BlueHost customer service and pricing are #1 when it comes to keeping your website powered up and running. 


In my opinion, Shopify has proven to be the go-to platform for building and hosting an e-commerce site. With all of the apps they offer you can build a site like the big GIRLS.


SquareSpace is perfect for the least tech savvy person to have a great website up and running within a day. Their beautiful templates are easy to install and use. 


I’ll never forget the words of the first person who designed a website for me when we talked about WordPress. She said, “If you play around with it long enough, you’ll be surprised what you can do with it a year from now.” WordPress is the most manipulative web design tool I have found. 

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