Let’s be honest… are awesome at what you do. Your online presence needs to reflect how awesome you are. 

Every business needs a website. Every creator needs a website. 

Maybe you are a little overwhelmed with where to start.

You know you need a website. Everything you read says you need one. You have even signed up for a free trial from one of the many website builders, only to get frustrated by the time it takes and the “know how” needed to complete one. Learning new technology is hard, but you want to have your piece of the internet pie. And, you deserve it.

No shade to your current website, but you know it’s outdated. 

You know it’s time for a new one but, you just can’t find the time. You know its time for you to get better traction and a better site will most definitely make that happen. Visitors should turn into sales.

Maybe your brand has changed and its time for your website to catch up. You want your customers to feel comfortable with doing business with you. At this point, you are ready to show your customers how you have leveled up but time has proven, it’s not on your side. 

Let me take care of the the technology while you take care of the sales.

Our working relationship will begin with a 60 minute phone call to discuss your business goals. I’ll help you identify which platform will work best for you in order to level up. Together, we’ll create a project timeline that meets the needs of your business.


Services that Shine is for you if you’ve been in business and ready to take your  business to the next level. 

WHO: Course Creators, Service Providers, Consultants, etc.

*payment plans available*



Products that Shine is for you if you are selling physical products online. 

WHO: Boutique owners, Handmade Crafters, T-shirt Makers, etc.

*payment plans available*


Startup and Shine is for you if you are just getting started and feeling your way through the online jungle of blogging, sharing, and freelancing. This is perfect for your online portfolio.

WHO: Bloggers, Freelancers, Direct Sellers (MLM), Real Estate Agents, etc. 

*payment plans available*


My old site had a lot of traffic but my ability to capture paying customers had peaked and I kneew I wanted and could get more. Eyona came in and created a whole new experience for my customers from the time they enter and exit my new website. She thought about the customer as she was designing. She knew what technology to create would more opportunity to sell to my customers as well as offer them value. She provided more than a website design. She gave me tools to use in order to use my website as a sales machine.
Cushena Scott
Hair Extension Company & Salon Owner
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